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Alto Grande Super Premium Gourmet Coffee
Alto Grande Super Premium Gourmet Coffee

 Puerto Rico is not a newcomer to the coffee scene. The beginnings of Puerto Rican coffee date back to the 18th century with King Louis XIV of France.

King Louis was given some Arabica coffee trees as a present however; the conditions in Paris were not conducive to young coffee trees. Louis then sent the trees to Martinique and in 1737 coffee trees arrived in Puerto Rico where they flourished.

It seems the center of the island which has many mountain ranges had the altitude, temperature and rain which provided ideal growing conditions.  By the early 19th century Puerto Rico was renowned throughout Europe for producing excellent coffee.

Alto Grande gourmet coffee was founded in Puerto Rico in the year 1839. For over 150 years Alto Grande coffee has been grown and processed at the Alto Grande Hacienda in Lares Puerto Rico.

 The quality of Alto Grande Coffee is the direct result of the time and attention Garrido has devoted to every single Alto Grande Coffee bean. There are only three Super Premium Coffees in the World, and Alto Grande has the distinct privilege of being one of them.

Alto Grande coffee is recognized by the most prestigious and demanding coffee companies in the world. 

Alto Grande’s outstanding quality is the result of the time and attention that have been devoted to the carefully harvested elite Arabica coffee beans.  

Processing Alto Grande coffee begins with the careful selection of the finest coffee beans which are used only in Alto Grande Coffee.

These future Alto Grande coffee beans are gown at an altitude of up to 3,000 feet and need eight days to process. Keep in mind most specialty coffees take two days to process.  

Once the beans are picked they are sent to the hacienda where only fresh ripe coffee cherries that have been picked within the last eight hours are accepted.

The coffee cherries are then put in a specially designed “float tank”. The coffee cherries that rise to the top are immediately rejected. The coffee cherries that sink have the properties required to become Alto Grande coffee. 

Each future Alto Grande coffee bean then has its pulp removed and enters a second float and wash cycle. The future Alto Grande coffee beans move from the float and wash cycle to special “reposo” pools where they are removed and washed every three hours with freshwater.

The constant exposure to water is critical to the product which is a perfectly washed coffee bean.

Even the water source is carefully selected. The water comes from a well which is over 600 feet deep. This water exceeds federal purity standards for bottled water and is never reused. Once a wash process is complete the water is disposed of.

Once the future Alto Grande coffee beans have completed the wash process the dry process begins.  All future Alto Grande coffee beans are rotated once every forty five seconds and dried slowly at a precise temperature which duplicates natural sunlight.

Each future Alto Grande coffee bean dries for a minimum of five days which is the time usually needed for the coffee bean to reach a moisture content of twelve percent. This also ensures every future Alto Grande coffee bean has the same color.

Once dry every future Alto Grande coffee bean size 17 or larger is put in parchment to protect it from humidity while it awaits its turn to become part of a legend. Once an order is received the parchment is carefully removed and the future Alto Grande coffee beans are sorted by size and weight. 

So you know the coffee beans that make Alto Grande gourmet coffee are carefully picked, roasted and prepared but how does it taste?  Well Alto Grande gourmet coffee has been described as having a “bight sparkling flavor”. 

Alto Grande gourmet coffee has also been described as having “a heavy body flavor with a fragrant aroma and a pleasant aftertaste. Some have termed it a “perfectly balanced cup of coffee” 

With the care and preciseness that goes into every can of Alto Grande coffee it is no wonder that Alto Grande gourmet coffee is available in limited quantities. 

We, at Tastes Of The World are proud to carry Alto Grande Super Premium Coffee. We have even had the privilege of visiting the Hacienda Alto Grande and meeting the master taster. It was an experience like no other.

Like all our products Alto Grande coffee is backed by our risk free 100% satisfaction guarantee. Treat yourself to a cup of super premium coffee try Alto Grande coffee today! 

Please Note Alto Grande coffee is sold in 8.8oz cans. 

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Patricia Ann
    Alto Grande is my preferred coffee
    of choice. I have tried several different types but this is my favorite. The aroma and taste is really superb
    that I can't wait for my next cup.
  • Author: Robert Peterson
    As a coffee lover, my search of coffee in
    52 countries, had me purchase 5 lbs of
    Alto Grande beans. I found it to be my
    best tasting with Costa Rico Tarr. 2nd.
    Yes, it is the coffee of kings.
  • Author: Rob Grass
    I have tried many "premium" and expensive coffees in my life. I will say that Alto Grande is the BEST coffee I have ever had. Its ultra smooth, delicious taste, good body and exceptional finsh is unbelievable.
  • Author: Deborah Yeates
    Love Alto Grande coffee. Purchased my first in Puerto Rico and fell in love. Will drink nothing else. I have shared with friends and family and they are sold on this coffee as well. Excellent smooth and rich taste.

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