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Four Cans Per Month Cafe Rico Decaff Gourmet Coffee Club
Four Cans Per Month Cafe Rico Decaff Gourmet Coffee Club
Cafe Rico Gourmet Coffee goes to great lengths to make sure their decaff coffee has less caffeine but all the taste. Decaffeinated coffee from Cafe Rico is processed by the Sparkling Water method.

Cafe Rico maintains that they extract only the caffeine and not the flavor from their Gourmet Decaff coffee. Cafe Rico is so concerned with quality they sought out what they consider to be the best facility in the world.

Coffee used in Cafe Rico Decaff is actually sent to Italy for the decaffeination process and is returned to Puerto Rico for roasting and grinding. Now you can enjoy this rich gourmet decaffeinated coffee at home. Like all our products Cafe Rico Decaff is backed by our risk free 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are a Decaff coffee drinker enjoy the fruits of Cafe Rico's labor and treat yourself. Order Cafe Rico Decaff coffee today!

About Café Rico
Café Rico was founded in the early 1900’s, and although much time has passed the mission for Café Rico been the same. Café Rico’s mission is and always has been to produce Puerto Rico's finest coffee. Café Rico has succeeded through strong relationships with the coffee growers of Puerto Rico. For over a century, Café Rico has been a part of coffee history in Puerto Rico. Café Rico was the leading coffee company during the first part of the century. It was during this time, coffee exportation was a major part of the Puerto Rico’s economy. Café Rico coffee is recognized worldwide as one of the best coffee’s Puerto Rico has to offer. It should be noted that Café Rico’s San Carlos Selection was at one time the favorite coffee of the Vatican.

When the island's agricultural industry experienced a degree of difficulty, Café Rico was an avid defender of the agricultural, social and economic stability of our hard working people. Today, coffee is an integral part of our society. Café Rico knows time does not stand still and neither does Café Rico. Café Rico is constantly adapting with the times. Its leadership in production and quality is shown by:

· Café Rico Having the first and only coffee tasting lab and the only Certified Taster on the island.

· Café Rico consistently offering new coffee products that satisfy the ever changing needs of our customers.

· Café Rico partners with Yauco Selecto Estate Coffee.

Café Rico is looking toward its future. It looks to satisfy the flavor, freshness, and quality of our people. Now being in the 21st. century Café Rico is still saying what we have been all along and that is “Café Rico, Puerto Rico's purest coffee.”
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